Test on the job

One of the most important aspects in any work environment is time optimisation (It is important to dedicate yourself to the proactive work management).
It is important to devote oneself to proactive management of work.
With each single personnel resource we try to place attention on daily activities freeing the time spent on passive management of work to transform it into proactive recovery management. This is achieved by work organisation, the planning of individual annual action plans and continual training so that everyone becomes independent in extrapolating data and setting of pivots that identify the priorities in processing cases.
Our desire is for our asset managers always to be fully aware and to have an overall view of every matter relating to dynamics or work without ever forgetting the details.

Legal test on the job

Assumes the same characteristics as the test on the job, with legal focus.
Whether dealing with a legal document drafted by our internal legal department or by an external legal practice, we always try to simplify processes optimising time and aiming for effectiveness and concreteness.