FBS conducts continuous internships with young graduates. These selections come from long-established collaborations with some of the most important Italian universities: University of Bologna (with the various campuses Ravenna, Forlì, and Cesena), the oldest in the world and the Cattolica di Milano. Each year a company's presentation is held at the university headquarters and then the student's CV's are evaluated (at Ravenna's headquarters 30 out of 35 students send their résumé).

In addition to the usual areas (Economy and Law) from which it has usually attracted sufficient resources for credit recovery, FBS has decided to undertake a new recruiting and onboarding course geared to selecting profiles belonging to previous unconventional pathways to their own workplace.
Psychology, philosophy, and marketing studies allow you to develop one of the most important requirements in both the working and the extra work environments, the knowledge of man.
1 per day
Average hours of training per resource
Training topics
Business Intelligence - Analysis and Reporting, Career Job Mindset, Update Regulator, Priming and Negotiation, English
New resources in year 2017
Partner University
Economics, Marketing, Philosophy, Psychology, Law
Some of the main skills for FBS, are work experience abroad, attendance of classical high school and a particular reflective predisposition to flexibility, dynamism and multitasking skills.