General Affairs and Complaint

The Operational Units of Legal, General Affairs and Complaint support the team leader in the correct fulfillment of the servicing contract, in the drafting of the contractual checklist, directly identifies the complaints and intervenes with legal opinions in cases of necessity.
In particular, in the event that a dispute arises concerning the actions aimed at recovering the receivables and/or concerning claims of related third parties or arising from the loans and/or the underlying collateral, the customer can submit a complaint to FBS by fax, by regular mail or email.
FBS SpA responds to the complaint within 30 days of receipt, or communicate within this period, the time required to receive all the elements and provide the final confirmation.
FBS informs, however, the Customer that, in the event that the reply to the complaint has not been considered satisfactory, the Customer can contact the Financial Banking Arbitrator (ABF) and that, to find out how to contact the ABF, the Customer can check the site, ask at the branches of Bank of Italy or ask FBS.
The average processing time is set to be far lower than the maximum time provided by the relevant legislation, reaching 88% of the cases below the 30 days provided.
The percentage of complaints registered over the years does not exceed 0.1% of total customers.

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O.U. of Legal, General Affairs and Complaint
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