Due Diligence and Portfolio Acquisition

In the phase of acquisition FBS offers all round assistance in order to guaranty that the client’s investment objective is reached, performing all the single operations necessary:
  • examination of the transferor’s documentation
  • drafting of the confidentiality agreement
  • the offer
  • drafting and signing of the contract
  • notifying the parties concerned of the transfer
The primary role played in acquisition is without doubt due diligence as the maximum expression of work quality in the shortest time possible.
FBS has a distinguished track record for:
  • Analysis
    examination of the documentation regarding the transferor’s credits and formulation of an analytical assessment (where this form is already required for other institutional purposes) and/or lump sum assessment.
  • Result
    offer for a congruous amount, invariable and predetermined, as the result of the discounting back of the salvage value of credits, in accordance with parameters agreed with the transferor
  • Web
    a dedicated web platform and suggested by years of experience. The software of FBS with simplicity of concept and layout manages all the useful information entered by the analysts (accounting data, vital statistics, personal guarantees, mortgages, expropriation procedures, prior relations between the transferor bank and debtor). It is possible for the data room analysis to be shared progressively with other company teams taking part in the pricing process.
  • Time
    the data acquired through due diligence can be used immediately by the managers who consequently may then plan and implement the most suitable strategies and generate a benefit from loan management.

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