FBS SpA believes that a correct and transparent relationship with the Customers, which includes the timely compliance with regulations concerning complaint resolution, allows a more efficient and satisfactory dialogue between the intermediary and the Client aimed at allowing a timely clarification of the respective positions and to encourage, wherever possible, a positive resolution of possible contrasts. This approach falls, among other things, within a healthy and prudent management practice that allows, also through all the activities necessary to ensure correct, collaborative and transparent relations with the Customer, to considerably reduce the costs related to possible litigation as well as operational reputational and legal risks.

The union of the two firms: FBS SpA and the Banca IFIS Group, both operating in the Non-Performing Loans sector, creates a powerful synergy, which also translates into the centralization of the claims office at the Parent Firm, Banca IFIS, which, by constantly coordinating with all the companies of the group, will ensure the efficient handling of complaints submitted by Group customers: all according to the aforementioned shared principles of fairness, transparency and sound and prudent management.

To file a complaint related to FBS SpA, you need to access the Complaints web page, which contains all of Banca IFIS group's complaints office contact details. You can send your complaint by filling out a form.