Rating and certifications

FBS spa has company capital of seven million euro fully paid in and in 2016 it generated revenues of about 17.9 million euro employing 126 persons. The group operates in the main office of Milan and the branch offices of Ravenna and Bari. FBS spa is rated by the two the main rating agencies, Fitch and Standard & Poor's. The rating for management of unsecured loans has also been attributed by Standard & Poor's. The ratings and some remarks are given below:
Fitch Ratings RSS2+/CSS2+/ABSS2

Standard & Poor's Above Average as special servicer of residential and commercial mortgages and Above Average as special servicer of consumer finance
During the last review there was also much appreciation for the stable trend of the recovery rate in spite of the current economic conditions of the market, of the high quality of top management and the IT systems.