Luciano Colombini
Luciano Colombini Chief Executive Officer Banca IFIS SpA, President FBS SpA

Luciano Colombini, born in La Spezia in 1955, is the Chief Executive Officer of Banca IFIS.

Paolo Strocchi
Paolo Strocchi Chief Executive Officer FBS SpA

Paolo Strocchi started his professional career within the banking system as a Branch Manager in an important Italian banking group.
He then set up a professional freelance business as a civil lawyer specialised in the management of disputes concerning banking, finance contracts, company law and property. As a statutory auditor in the above fields he has been a corporate fiduciary for some of the most important Italian credit institutions. President and director of finance and property companies, which he promoted and help to set up, in 1997 Mr. Strocchi founded FBS SpA of which he is the Chief Executive Officer and majority shareholder.
In 1999 he concluded the joint venture agreement between FBS SpA and the American servicing company Ocwen.

Federico Strocchi
Federico Strocchi Vice President of FBS SpA, President of FBS Real Estate SpA

In 2001, after obtaining a degree in Law from the University of Bologna, Federico Strocchi began his career as a lawyer focussing on banking litigation, as well as real estate, property and financial contracts. He also dealt with various aspects of company and commercial law.
In 2002 - 2003 he gained experience in major international finance firms such as the Cargill Financial Markets Group, Paris, where he dealt with securitisation, financial transactions for the purchasing of NPLs and the development of real estate, and Capitalia SpA, London, where he dealt with financing and development of investment opportunities in the Real Estate and NPL markets.
From 2003 - 2016 Strocchi held the role of Managing Director of FBS SpA.
In 2006 he oversaw the establishment of FBS Real Estate SpA, a real estate valuation company, first taking on the role of Chief Executive Officer and subsequently the position of President.
In 2006 he oversaw the establishment of FBS Green SpA, a company that was active in the verification of salary-backed loan feasibility.
In 2012 - 2013 he contributed to the creation of a partnership, operating in the NPL sector, between two primary servicers, French firm ICADE and German firm IMMOFORI.
Since September 2016 he has held the role of President of FBS SpA, one of the main Italian non-performing loan servicing companies, focusing in particular on the development of the NPE market and relations with national banking institutions, primary international investment funds and businesses active in the sector.

Elena Ruo
Elena Ruo General Manager and Executive Officer of FBS SpA, Director of FBS Real Estate SpA

Elena Ruo started her career in the legal affairs department of an important medium to long term credit institution dealing primarily with delinquent and defaulted credit recovery of substantial amounts.
She was later requested to organise out-of-court and in-court settlement throughout Italy for a major Italian bank group by leading companies in the third party management sector. She developed considerable specialist skills dealing with technical-legal aspects of negotiations for the assessment, management and endorsement without recourse with major clients and in supervising the operational implementation of the same. As manager of the legal affairs service she coordinated internal sections and external legal networks that managed more than 40,000 credit positions where she acquired knowledge of some of the main Italian banks. Since 1997 she has been General Manager and since 2003 Executive Director of FBS SpA, of which she is one of the founding members.

Filippo Strocchi
Filippo Strocchi Joint General Manager FBS SpA

Filippo Strocchi acquired his professional experience working for APCO Capital, an American investment company, as an analyst in the investment sector. Since 2000 he has been a member of the board of directors of PAN Consulting.
Since 2012 he has been an Executive Officer of FBS SpA covering an important position of liaison between the operative base in Ravenna and the headquarters in Milan. Today he is concerned with operative management coordination with a specific focus on the implementation and simplification of procedures and management systems. He devotes considerable attention to the empowerment of the human resources of FBS, continually keeping up with subjects that identify and improve human psycho-aptitudes of the individual as a person before those as a professional. He is also occupied with all the activities of training, team building, organisation of staff and recruiting.

Giorgio Fedocci
Giorgio Fedocci Deputy General Manager FBS SpA

Giorgio Fedocci acquired his professional experience in leading companies in the sector of bad credit recovery in major national banks.
He covered the position of manager of the entire Loan Management Section which dealt with out-of-court and in-court settlements during this period. The professional skills he has obtained are qualified by the constant progressive increase in results achieved by the concerns coordinated and also obtained through structural organisation, the provision of staff training and refresher courses, study and analysis – for the purposes of implementation and revision – of specific IT procedures focusing on operative management control and reporting.

Andrea Folli
Andrea Folli Coordinator of Asset Management FBS SpA

Degree in Law. Over 15yrs experience. Management of non performing loans. Coordinate portfolios of non-performing loans securitized, owned by FBS and under management by Italian banks.