FBS S.p.A. has been active for over twenty years in the field of valuation and management of NPL unsecured loans, mortgages and corporate portfolios on behalf of large institutions, national and foreign funds and banks. It is rated by Fitch and Standard & Poor's. On  January 7th, 2019,  Banca IFIS  finalized the acquisition of 90% of the share capital.  In October 2019 Banca IFIS S.p.A. finalized  the purchase of the remaining 10%,  thus becoming , with this transaction, the sole shareholder of FBS S.p.A., renewing its position as a major player in the Italian non-performing loans market. IFIS NPL S.p.A., wholly owned by Banca IFIS, handles the acquisition, management of unsecured NPL portfolios. Its operations are based on the values of sustainability and profitability. FBS and IFIS NPL are creating the new National Asset Management Company with over 20 billion credits in its portfolio. The Italian answer to the great issue of NPLs, has still not been resolved. A systematic operation for the system. The services offered - acquisition, management and co-investment/financing - cover all categories of non-performing credit from unsecured retail, which has always been one of IFIS NPL core sectors, to credit corporate & secured, which has historically been the core competence of FBS and its subsidiary FBS RE. Our goal is to create value for customers, for the market, and the entire financial system. FBS and Banca IFIS are offering the potential for a complete transformation of NPE's portfolios into value opportunities with solutions typical of an experienced servicer while at the same time remaining aligned with the banking dynamics of the Group's parent company. They offer their customers:
  • Portfolio evaluation and divestment/acquisition
  • Investment and structured finance operations
  • Structure of securitisation operations
  • Master Servicing
  • Culture and expertise in third-party management (business planning, real estate valuations, proactive credit management)
  • Customized and sustainable customer care aimed at supporting the end customer in the processing of portfolios