FBS dna

FBS's founders spotted a great opportunity, a market space they could exploit.
The market scenario sees one of Italy's major private banks, Banca IFIS, acquiring Italy's largest independent servicer. Intuition

Those who represent us and who have always set the right example for new recruits have based their decisions and initiatives on well-defined legal and financial competences.
The Banca IFIS Group is further increasing the value of its management platform through expertise and specializations across the entire NPL credit range. Professionalism

Every day we learn, grow and are willing to transfer our skills. We do this within FBS with the youngest members of staff, with our external collaborators and we are proud to be able to contribute to the businesses we interact with, whether banks or investors.
Banca IFIS creates lasting relationships with originators and financial institutions for ongoing management. In terms of culture and competences, it adopts a transparent philosophy that complies with all legal norms.Good intentions

We are always setting new growth goals. Ambition

Our results are the reflection of our DNA. FBS Gruppo Banca IFIS