Set up

This is the process of "uploading and set up" cataloguing from the core category and characterised by the flow of activities underlying the acquisition of a new portfolio, drafting of the management plan and the business plan.
The preliminary activities inherent to the first phase of the set up involve the examination of the documents presented in the dossiers and possibly making requests to the transferor bank for additional data. These activities make it possible to establish a documentary database for the cases.
At the same time the servicing contract is examined by the team assigned to the set up and the organisational unit that manages the portfolio in order to fulfil all the contractual obligations of the servicer.
The various dossiers are then examined analytically by means of "key information (which makes it possible to understand the characteristics of the case)". These are selected drivers that make it possible to identify particularly urgent cases (risk related to limitation periods, claims, legal action pending, negotiation proposals in progress) for which it is necessary to act immediately and those cases which are already accompanied by abundant information and therefore can be processed without having to resort to what we call "massive introduction of information".
Moreover, particular importance is given to positions classified as "top loans", the highest ranking in terms of GBV and forecasts in addition to mortgages. These two types of cases are examined together with FBS real estate in order to verify the property value providing the surety. The uploading and set up of these positions is done by means of an accurate reconstruction of all the underlying legal actions and all the properties covered by secured mortgages.