The use of external networking integrates the management process of FBS SpA, representing a new strategic flyer for the whole recovery and credit management activity.

Business processes allow identifying suitable locations that require the assistance of professionals who are part of external networks by pursuing a predefined recovery strategy.

The goal is to innovate and increase the value of companies involved through specific training activities set up to pursue common and shared goals aimed at exploiting the technical-operational and managerial advantages of interdependent and complementary business-to-business collaboration.
Tax collection companies
About 650
Agents across the country
Companies specializing in telephone recovery
pecialized law firms in NPLs for the extra-judicial credit recovery
The web platform adopted by FBS SpA allows you to have real-time updates of external professionals, providing a higher level of punctuality, efficiency and performance management.

In the selection process of outsourced service providers, the company pays attention to the assessment of the competencies, capabilities and permissions required by law to exercise as reliably as they are outsourced.

In line with the Supervisory Instruction, as referred to in Circular 288/2015 (Title III, Chapter 1, Section III), FBS SpA has appointed an Officer for major outsourced operational functions and an Internal Contact for Outsourced Activities (Internal contact for the control of individual functions).

FBS SpA adopts such rules as to not alter the relationship and obligations towards its customers, nor does it jeopardize its ability to fulfill its obligations under the Supervisory Disciplinary Code and not violate statutory provisions for activities.