Non-performing credit management is the specific focus of FBS's core business.

Consolidated experience gained over twenty years in the industry enables FBS to offer a precision management service based on a timely analysis of the portfolio and its specific features so that we can respond to the different needs of our customers through a bespoke management and reporting service. The activities of NPLs management personnel are quite heterogeneous and part of a broader business process involving a range of differing but complementary participants and operating units across the organisation.

The management determines the logical sequence of a series of preliminary activities before starting the management and recovery of receivables as follows: acquisition of ptf, skip and tracing activities or enrichment of DB acquisition, set up and updating of computer files, analysis and clustering of the portfolio, reliance on external networks and coordination of the same.

Every single step of the operational chain must be managed by the Asset Managers who in turn must have a complete understanding of and responsibility for everything upstream and downstream of the process. The different units involved act and move synergistically through effective communication.

They understand and share portfolio goals pursuing the objectives of the company's mission.

FBS's experience is now combined with the solidity of the Holding Company Bank IFIS and its consolidated management model for the transformation of bad loans into re-performing positions. This will enable us to demonstrate the capabilities and synergies of two of the most outstanding NPL portfolio managers by covering all processes and types of management, from UTPs to bad loans, from credit corporate or mortgage up to the unsecured retail.