The need to cluster managed credits (grouping similar positions by nature and similar characteristics) was born from a managerial culture that distinguishes the work approach of the entire staff from FBS SpA: "Working with Consciousness".

A guided management for cluster analysis, allows you to have an overview of the portfolio, To fully understand the potential, Setting goals that are achievable and above all measurable.Without measurement, there is no control and therefore no corrective action.

Only with an empirical approach through the definition of ad-hoc strategies, You can ensure a true management experience pursuing the logic of Optimization, Enhancement, Efficiency and Monitoring. Metaphor: The principle of communicating vessels

"The information enrichment (key info + massive info) conducted by FBS SpA aims to make the process of recovering credits as fluid as possible: the liquid does not have its own form but takes the form of the container that contains it (Cluster) and if it is poured into communicating vases, though of different shape, it is at the same level as the containers (all positions are valued by associating an ad-hoc strategy) so that the pressure exerted is the same (even practices with a difficult recovery or with no short-term recovery will be valued)."