External network
Recourse to the cooperation of external networks supplements the management process of FBS SpA.

The underlying principle is relatively simple: using external networks of professionals for each single sector of expertise within the country improves the quality of the services offered: acquiring alternative instruments to extend the range of action and at the same time increase one's technical abilities.

The company processes make it possible to identify suitable positions, for which the assistance of professionals in external networks is required, following a predetermined recovery strategy. As a preliminary suitable subjects organised for setting up a professional functional partnership with FBS SpA are sought and carefully selected. The coordination and monitoring of their performance represent a new strategic impetus to the entire credit recovery and management activity, which supplements the work on positions.

The objective is to innovate and increase the value of the companies involved by means of specific training schemes set up to follow common shared objectives aimed at benefiting from the technical-operating and managerial advantages gained from interdependent and complementary cooperation among companies.

The IT management platforms used by FBS SpA make it possible to obtain updates in real time on the external professionals and thus guarantee a higher level of punctuality, efficiency and performance of the management system.

In the event of some activities being outsourced FBS SpA applies procedures to prevent the alteration of relations and obligations with its clients, avoid jeopardising its ability to fulfil obligations required by the vigilance system and without violating the reservation of certain activities by law. In particular, the Company maintains its ability to control all the substantial risks constantly and, should the need arise, the possibility of changing supplier without consequences for operating continuity. FBS SpA has the capabilities necessary for effective control of the functions assigned externally and for managing the risks connected with outsourcing including those arising from potential conflicting interests. In the process of selecting suppliers of outsourced services the company gives importance to the verification of their skills, abilities and authorisations which are required by law in order for them to perform outsourced tasks in a reliable way.

In line with the Vigilance Instructions, as mentioned in Circular 288/2015 (Part III, Chapter 1, Section III), FBS SpA has appointed a Manager of the important outsourced functions and the single contact persons for outsourced activities (internal contact persons for control of the single functions).