"IFBS" System

External network
iFBS is a project inspired by the better known "icloud" reusing the same criteria, but with different functions, that have made it a universal instrument.
We always try to implement the best ideas taken from sectors not connected with our field of work. In this way we compel ourselves to have an outside view of the work, an overall view that enables us to improve processes implementing management systems and workflows.
This is how we developed the project for organising three different management platforms (legal, door to door and RE) for the purpose of improving cooperation, control and communication between FBS and all its external operators involved in management as outsourced resources. Furthermore, we set ourselves the task of creating vertical cooperation in the future between the same external networks so that they can (provided that they operate in bordering zones) set up a multitasking mini platform (legal, door to door and RE) connecting them but still under the control and monitoring of FBS which will provide in any case guidelines on the working strategy and methodology.
iFBS thus enables us to have updates in real time on the progress and actions of our partner. It is an essential instrument for assessing the reaction times, effectiveness, performance and cooperativeness of those with whom we work.