Real estate

External network
FBS Real Estate spa is a subsidiary company of FBS and is now an indispensable resource for optimising recovery across the entire panorama of mortgage loans.
FBS Real Estate, an independent network consisting of 300 agents with skills related to the world of credit and real estate, covers the entire country and acts in a more direct and effective way compared to the established and classic methods of recovery by letter or telephone by opening a dialogue with the debtor.
This approach offers dynamic concrete solutions that facilitate recovery and above all improve timing compared to the long waiting periods of proceedings in court.

The FBS Real Estate network with its capillary presence throughout the country increases participation in auctions by persons concerned with loans and therefore in the underlying property with successful outcomes of the process described.
In addition to the commercial network described FBS Real Estate has another independent expert network registered with the RICS used for the various processes of Due Diligence and for the assessments necessary for evaluation of assets.