Collection agent network

External network
FBS spa uses a network of trusted companies that specialise in credit recovery in both the telephone contact and collection phases. The network has been selected over the course of the years and now consists of companies organised and distributed throughout Italy. Our strengths are the coordination and all round support of our external collaborators. Controls and monitoring ensure observance of legal requirements and represent additional supporting instruments that provide our clients with concrete performance, accurate detailed reporting and a real perception of the validity of the strategy adopted which can be modified along the way.
  • Phone collection phase
    this is an opening move by telephone. It is a very important instrument for recovering credits rapidly with reduced costs and is used mainly for credits of low criticality. FBS has a highly qualified internal call centre. The first step is to cluster the cases which have well-defined accompanying information and documentation. These are then sent in OPT to the various operators who initiate a line of action determined agreement with FBS.
  • Home collection
    for effective management of even the most complex situations FBS. offers a network of expert collaborators specialised in contacting creditors in arrears by home visits. The case is updated in real time by our external collaborators who offer not only a recovery service but also an information service which is useful for later legal action.
Our collaborators are monitored constantly and follow a precise code of conduct, an essential condition for protecting the image and commercial interests of both FBS and its clients and investors.
The Home Collection Service also offers the possibility of precise control of costs as they are determined only by the actual recovery of credit.

The criteria by which the collaboration of the collection agency network is assessed are performance, operating accuracy, quality in credit management, flexible response to changes in strategy and in the portfolio managed, respect for legal obligations and the code of ethics of FBS spa.

To improve communication and monitoring of the external network we have created a new IT platform in order to operate more effectively and perform better.